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Reiser + Umemoto. Atlas of Novel Tectonics, 2006

Interdisciplinary Exchange
“Science is not always the source of transdisciplinary exchanges; sometimes there is a flip. Henri Bergson´s work in philosophy, for instance, prefigures Bernhard Riemann´s work in mathematics. Theoretical physicist Lee Smolin gives the example that solving the structure of amorphic geodesic pool covers led him to tensor calculus, and then into the physics of gravity. Tensegrity structures are now serving as the model for cell membranes themselves. Our modes of thought in architecture might indeed influence ways of understanding the universal.
This opens a tremendous opportunity for growth within the discipline of architecture. Architecture will always be a defective representation of other disciplines, hence the exhaustion of architecture that based itself, for example, on cinema and literature. But there are models that exist that are as useful to the film director in the discipline of film-making as to the architect in the discipline of architecture.
This suggests that the same conceptual models can migrate between disciplines, where they are instantiated within the conditions and limits inherent in those disciplines”

Jesse Reiser. Reiser + Umemoto. Atlas of Novel Tectonics.
Princeton Architectural Press, 2006. New York
Seleccionado por el arq. Martín Lisnovsky

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